Next Coffee Chat Topic and Updates from Superintendent Potter

Red Raider Community:

As a result of our experience this year with a change in student start times we’d like to investigate if this is something that we should continue next school year.

There is a great deal of research regarding elementary school students starting earlier and secondary school students starting later for a variety of developmental reasons that lead to improved academic performance.

Prior to making such a change there are many variables that we will need to consider. As part of this process, I’m inviting you to dialogue with me at my next virtual Coffee Chat which will take place on Wednesday, March 3 at 6:00pm.

I hope your students are enjoying being back in the school building on a regular basis, we’ve had a very good first week back. There is conversation around the state regarding a change in social distancing requirements from the current 6ft in classrooms to shortening this to 3ft. 

We are having these conversations at our BOCES level and our consortium has reached out to the local county Departments of Health regarding this discussion. In order for all students to have the opportunity to attend school daily, we need to have this requirement changed. In addition, there would need to be an adjustment to what currently stands regarding one person per seat on the school bus. I will keep you updated as these discussions develop and if we are to implement any change. Regardless, for the remainder of this school year it will be parent choice on your decision to have your child attend in person or virtual.

My best,