Board of Education

About the Board of Education

The Mechanicville City School District is governed by a seven member school board elected by the qualified voters of the School District.

Members of the Mechanicville City School District Board of Education oversee the operations of the School District. Board members are elected for three-year terms and serve the district on a volunteer basis. As elected representatives and officers of New York State, the Board is charged with carrying out the duties imposed by the State’s Legislature, Board of Regents, and Commissioner of Education.

The Board of Education establishes policies for operations, provides fiscal oversight and is responsible for the total education program. Its functions are carried out by the district officers, administrators, and personnel. 

Each year, the election for Board of Education candidates and voting for the school district’s budget is on the third Tuesday in May, from noon until 9 p.m. at the Jr. Sr. High School Gym.

The current Mechanicville School District Board of Education Members are as follows:

  • President: Marlene Tierney
  • Vice-President: John Pugliese
  • Members:
    • John Bove
    • Nichole Gorsky
    • Dan O’Connor
    • Michael Raucci
    • John Taglione

Board Docs

To view BOE Agendas and Minutes please visit: Mechanicville Board of Education – BoardDocs

Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Property Tax Exemption

To view the Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Property Tax Exemption information please click here

Veterans Exemption

The Board of Education of the Mechanicville City School district is currently considering allowing Level A of the Alternative Veterans’ Tax Exemption.  Originally, the state exemption allowed municipalities the choice to grant the Veterans’ exemption. Since then, the law was amended to allow school districts the option of allowing a property tax exemption for military veterans.

If the exemption was to be enacted, those who qualify would see their taxes lowered and all others would see their taxes increase.  The chart below represents the estimated impact to a taxpayer’s bill.  All figures are approximate and based upon a property with an assessed value of $100,000.  All figures are subject to equalization rates. 

Level A                                                  Wartime (15%)                  Combat (25%)                    Disability

Maximum Exemption Amount




Qualifying property owners

$158.73  annual decrease to tax bill

$264.55 annual decrease to tax bill

$529.11 annual decrease to tax bill

Non- Qualifying property owners

$20.43 annual increase to tax bill ($1.70 per month)


Alternative Veterans’ Exemption Eligibility

Available to veterans who served during a period of war or have received an expeditionary medal. 

Exemption for those who meet the criteria

  • Limited to primary residence
  • Equalization rates will apply to exemption amounts
  • Based on percentage of assessed value subject to maximum level of exemption:
    • 15% for wartime service – $12,000 max. exemption
    • 25% for combat zone service – $20,000 max. exemption
    • Up to 50% for service-connected disability – $40,000 max exemption

For more information, please visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance’s website:

Please feel free to submit questions or concerns to the Board of Education via email:

Annual Budget Vote and BOE Election

Please feel free to contact Cathy O’Brien, District Clerk with any additional questions. 

Contact Information

District Clerk: Ms. Catherine  O’Brien
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Mechanicville City School District
25 Kniskern Avenue
Mechanicville, NY 12118

(518) 664-5727 ext. 1103

To contact the Mechanicville Board of Education via email please use