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District Office

Kevin W Kolakowski,  Superintendent

Cathy O’Brien, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1103

Colleen DiCaprio, Business Manager
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1100

Beth Bornt, Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1102

Sydney Leonard, Tax Collector
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext.1105

James DeVito, Accountant/Treasurer
Phone 518-664-5727 ext. 1101

Office of School Impact

Meghan Warren, Director of Data and Accountability
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1106

Leslie Cole, Director of Academic Support Services
Phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1113
Diana Empie, Director of Staff, Student and Family Engagement
phone: 518-664-5727 ext. 1114

Special Education

Director of Student Support Services for grades PreK-12  Brianne Hazelton | 518-664-5727 ext: 2027

Link to Special Education Resources



Elementary School

Don Dieckmann, Principal
Phone: 518-664-7336 ext. 3001

Junior/Senior High School

Mike Mitchell, Jr/Sr. High Principal
Phone: 518-664-9888 ext. 2010

John Howard, Assistant Principal
Phone: 518-664-9888 ext. 2023