School Report Card

The NYS School Report card for the Mechanicville City School District.

Response to Intervention/Academic Intervention Services

All students who are at risk of not meeting the New York State Learning Standards are eligible to receive Response to Intervention Services (RtI) and/or Academic Intervention Services (AIS). Both service models provide targeted support during the instructional day. Effective July 1, 1999, all school districts were required to provide Academic Intervention Services for students who score below state designated performance levels on New York State exams. Effective July 1, 2012, all school districts in New York State were required to implement a Response to Intervention process in kindergarten through fourth grades prior to referring a student to the Committee on Special Education to be considered as a student with a disability. AIS and RtI are required to utilize scientific research-based programs that include systematic instruction. Academic Intervention Services are also provided to students who are referred through the building level Child Study Teams.

The RtI program will be implemented at the K-5 grades and an AIS model of service will be delivered in grades 6-12. A school district may provide a Response to Intervention (RtI) program in lieu of providing Academic Intervention Services (AIS) when a RtI program is made available at grade levels and subject areas (reading/math) for which the students are identified as eligible for AIS. All students who are otherwise eligible for AIS shall be provided such AIS services if they are not responding to the RtI program.

Child Study Team (CST) and Team/Administrator Meetings (student data)

The Child Study Team (CST) Team and Team/Administrator Meetings are  comprised of a building administrator, appropriate support service providers (which may include the school psychologist, occupational therapist, academic intervention provider, speech/language teacher, nurse, special education teacher, and/or ENL teacher), and the referring classroom teacher. The referring administrator, classroom teacher and or support provider must submit data associated with Universal Screener, benchmark assessments, state-established cut points associated with the New York State assessments, other formal and informal assessments, and progress monitoring data with achieving the New York State Learning Standards for consideration to receive Academic Intervention Services. Any student who experiences academic, social-emotional, or behavioral problems may be considered for a review. This includes students beginning to display problems in regular education, as well as students with disabilities who are included in regular education programs. Students may be referred for review by the building administrator, classroom teacher, other educators, and or school counselors.

For more information about RtI/AIS, please contact your child’s counselor.