Important Notice: (Updated 7/9) Temporary Changes to Jr./Sr. High School Main Entrance

Effective today, 7/9/24, we have an updated & revised traffic pattern which will remain in use for the rest of the summer for the elementary building, athletic fields, and district office access:

  1. For Elementary School Access:
    • Use the new road off Pruyn Hill Road (entrance next to the old bus garage), please drive slow and remain on the road, do not enter any construction areas
    • This route is for both entry and exit
    • The emergency route around the building is no longer in use
  2. Jr./Sr. High School Access Remains Unchanged:
    • Continue using the temporary main entry off Kniskern Avenue

For your convenience, we have attached a map highlighting these changes. Please refer to it for clarification on the new entrance locations and routes.  Please note that any vehicle that does not adhere to the posted routes are subject to damage or injury to which the district is not liable or responsible.  Please take it slow, and follow the posted routes.

We appreciate your cooperation as we progress with our construction schedule. Thank you for your understanding during this time.