Special BOE Meeting links – 12/13/21 @8:30am

Public Stream of BOE Special Meeting: https://stream.meet.google.com/stream/73ea130f-8aa5-4c02-9063-4fe3c0029593 Public Tutorial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qXeJDcBXovUCNGX0ffuR6mGKK5W4LyfpJYJl2f4f7xs/edit?usp=sharing

BOE Meeting 12/2/21

As a reminder our regular scheduled Board of Education meeting is tonight, December 2nd, at 6:00pm in the Jr./Sr. High School Cafeteria. This meeting is in person and also will be live streamed via Facebook for those unable to attend. The Board of Education will be meeting in executive session from 5:30pm to 6:00pm in …

Coffee Chat – 12/1/21

As a reminder, there will be a Coffee Chat tonight, December 1 at 6:00pm. This will be a Google Meet to maximize participation. We will be discussing spectators for winter sports, Elementary School parent/teacher conferences and January regents and mid-terms at the Jr./Sr. High School. Please find the link to the Google Meet and a …

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