Superintendent Kevin Kolakowski

Dear Red Raider Family:

I am humbled by the steadfast support and confidence from our Board of Education to select me for our next Superintendent of schools this evening.  I am also more than appreciative of all members of our school and community that have given incredible support, well wishes, and took the time to reach out over the last couple of months, it has meant more than I could ever state in Superintendent KK! words.  

Thank you for all of those that have been with me throughout this journey, both past and present – that encouraged me, that taught me, that stayed with me, that pushed me, and that believed in me –   because I don’t lose sight for a second, that I am not here without having the relationships that we have formed along the way.  

The pride and gratitude that I have for each of you and this district is beyond words and I can not overstate how special of a place our school, and our city, of Mechanicville is.  I could never have imagined this moment taking place just two short months ago- so much has changed in such a short time, and how much we have come together speaks to who we are – as a Community, a District, a Family. 

But time is relative- for me personally I started this journey 12 years three months and four days ago and I could not have been more fortunate to have been chosen by Mechanicville then, and as fate would have it we have come full circle and I cannot be more honored to be your Superintendent….honored to work with a team of people that support, teach, relate, care, and love our kids, our school, and community.  I am grateful and fortunate to know what we have here in this great district.

We’ve heard that no one rallies like Mechanicville, well this is just the beginning- all over again – so let’s move forward, and continue on our quest for excellence – continuing to move good to great.

WE are resilient
WE are family
WE are strong
WE are resolute
WE are proud
WE are Mechanicville

Thank you all and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!