New Regulations for Graduation

Dear Parents and Honored Seniors –  

We have been informed of new guidance and information since last evening’s post in regard to end of the year ceremonies for graduation.  Moving forward, the State has eased the testing mandate for all attendees at schools’ end of year outdoor commencement ceremonies. With this change in regulations, we will reflect these changes to our Senior graduation plan in the following ways: 

*We will no longer require that guests be on a “guest list” as there will be no formal sign in at our ceremony (however, each guest will still need a ticket and Health Questionnaire to be admitted into the ceremony).

*Attendees will no longer be mandated to provide proof of vaccination to attend or be tested within the compliance window prior to the event (however, any attendee that is not vaccinated is asked to wear a mask to the event).

*All students will still receive 10 tickets for the ceremony.  Six (6) of those tickets will be designated for seats on the field in numbered seating pods and four (4) tickets will be for seating in the bleachers in designated areas which will correspond to the number pod on the field.  Pods will still be assigned by lottery and will NOT be first come, first serve (Pod # will be designated on each ticket).  Parties over 6 will need to designate who will sit on the field versus bleacher seating.

*Students will receive their 10 tickets at graduation rehearsal as well as 10 paper copies of a Health Questionnaire for each guest.  Upon arrival at the ceremony, each guest must bring and submit their completed Health Questionnaire to District staff upon entrance to the event along with their ticket for admission.

We are thankful for these new regulations so that our graduates and their families can focus on what this ceremony is all about – the successes and accomplishments of our Class of 2021 Seniors.  Please reach out to us with any questions, thank you.