Senior checklist

This is just a guideline, please see your counselor promptly if you have questions or concerns.


  • Finalize college list.
  • Carefully consider if you are going to be an early decision candidate.
  • Review your career plans with your counselor and check your HS records for all credits and requirements needed for graduation.
  • Sign up for financial aid and meet with your guidance counselor.
  • Plan your itinerary for final college visits. Call to make your appointment, rather than write. This should be done early because Fall appointments can fill up quickly.
  • Check the list of colleges visiting our Guidance office. It is important that you meet with the representatives of the college in which you are interested.
  • Register for the November SAT.


  • Check all possible scholarship from October through April.
  • See  guidance to sign up for instant admit day at area community colleges
  • Create common application account. Add colleges to Naviance. See guidance to link Naviance to common application account.
  • NOTE DEADLINES & REQUIREMENTS! If essay are required start working on them early. Consult an English teacher for proofreading.
  • Attend financial aid night with your parents and investigate all sources of financial aid.
  • FAFSA should be completed as soon as possible after October 1st. Note: Parents who send the application later may find the money they could receive has already been given out. IMPORTANT: keep copies of all tax forms, records and FAFSA application.
  • Early Decision/Early Action transcript requests must be submitted to guidance. It is important that you remember your counselor needs 2-3 weeks to write your recommendation and process your application.


  • Continue filling out applications.


  • Colleges that accept students on a rolling admission basis will start notifying students.


  • If you failed a first semester course see your counselor about adding another course. Remember, you must pass all courses, including Physical Education.
  • Review your career plans.
  • Be sure to notify your counselor of your acceptance and denials as they come in.
  • Make sure to notify the college of your choice of your decision to attend. Also, notify the colleges you are not going to attend, since this will allow students on the waiting list to be accepted. Legally, you have the right to wait until you hear from all the colleges to which you applied before deciding. However, this applies only until May 1st, at which time you must make a deposit to the school of your choice, which assures them you will attend there.


  • Finalize your decisions about the military, if applicable.
  • Continue to notify your counselor as to admissions decisions & scholarships you have received.


  • Review graduation requirements.
  • Notify the colleges that have accepted you that you do or do not plan to attend.
  • Notify your counselor as to admission decisions and scholarships you have received.
  • Remember that it is the responsibility of all 18 year old males to register for the draft. This has to be done within 30 days of your 18th birthday.


  • Remember, May 1st is the deadline for notifying colleges and sending in your deposit.


  • Graduation Day! Congratulations!