2021-22 School Start Time

Red Raider Community:

As you are aware due to bus space restrictions we instituted 3 bus runs this school year. K-3, 4-6, & 7-12. We structured it in this order to minimize child care coverage for parents, additionally we partnered with the MACSC for both before and after school supervision.

In planning for a return to 2 bus runs in the fall, we have been analyzing the research to the educational and developmental benefits of keeping elementary school students on the first run and Jr/Sr HS students on the second run.

We have sought initial feedback from staff as well as our community. A presentation has been posted on our website regarding the research and proposed plan. https://www.mechanicville.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/School-Start-Time-Proposal.pdf

Prior to a final decision being made, we will be surveying specific groups of stakeholders for targeted feedback in response to some potential concerns or obstacles to a change. With a 3:00pm end time for Jr/Sr HS students we see minimal if any impact to interscholastic athletics and the need for an early dismissal on game days.

  • ES parents will be asked if there will be child care challenges with the earlier start and end times and if they are interested in utilizing the MACSC before and after school care which is on site.
  • Jr/Sr HS parents will be asked if they are concerned that a later start time will have an impact on their child staying up later at night or getting on the bus after they have left for work.
  • Parents of BOCES CTE students will be asked if they are concerned about an earlier start time of 8:00, creating an extended school day as CTE classes will now be in the morning instead of the afternoon.

Please keep an eye out for these brief surveys this week. Your feedback is critical to a thoughtful decision making process. Thank you for your time!

My best,