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The Mission

Mechanicville City School District is committed to the goal of excellence in education.

Through the best efforts of their teachers and staff, students will become responsible, contributing members of both their school and society.

Principles of the Interscholastic Program

We believe interscholastic athletics serve as a miniature model of life; that they provide opportunities for students with regard to responsibility, fair play, cooperation, concern for others, leadership, respect for authority, good citizenship, loyalty, and tolerance. Winning games has often been considered the measure of success. However, we feel that this is not so. This is not to say that the will to win is not important. It is very much a part of the total development of an athlete, but of considerably greater importance is the development of the person and affording, each student the opportunity of becoming all that he or she is capable of being. Thus, the athletic program which is centered around the welfare of the students is a vital part of the total school curriculum.

To utilize fully the potential in athletics for educational experiences, the interscholastic athlete program:

  • Is regarded as an integral part of the total educational program and conducted so that it is worthy of such regard.
  • Supplements rather than serves as substitutes for basic physical education program and instrumental athletic programs.
  • Is subject to the same administrative control as the total educational program.
  • Is conducted by persons with adequate training either in physical education or through coaching certification program.
  • Is conducted so that the physical welfare and safety of participants is protected and   fostered.
  • Is conducted in accordance with the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations of the league, state, and national athletic association.

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Sports Offerings

Mechanicville City School District offers students opportunities to participate in 13 sports across three seasons with three levels.

The district is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, competing as a Class B and C school in Section ll. Mechanicville’s league affiliation is primarily with the Wasaren League.

Sports schedules for Mechanicville Jr/Sr High School can be found on the Wasaren league website.

Fall Sports

  • Cheerleading – Varsity
  • Cross Country Boys- Varsity/Modified
  • Cross Country Girls- Varsity/Modified
  • Football – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified
  • Golf Boys – Varsity/Junior Varsity
  • Soccer Boys – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified
  • Soccer Girls – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified
  • Volleyball Girls – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified

Winter Sports

  • Cheerleading – Varsity/Junior Varsity
  • Basketball Boys – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified 7/Modified 8
  • Basketball Girls – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified 7/Modified 8
  • Bowling Boys – Varsity
  • Bowling Girls – Varsity
  • Indoor Track Boys – Varsity
  • Indoor Track Girls – Varsity
  • Wrestling – Varsity/Modified

Spring Sports

  • Baseball – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified
  • Outdoor Track Boys – Varsity/Modified
  • Outdoor Track Girls – Varsity/Modified
  • Softball – Varsity/Junior Varsity/Modified
  • Lacrosse – Varsity/JV/Modified