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MES Collection of Student Work Information

Collection of Initial Instruction Work

Good evening Red Raider Nation!

I wanted to share how we are collecting work throughout initial instruction.

To ensure the safety of all staff, we would like work submitted electronically (you can't spread germs through the internet!). The way in which this can be accomplished is by taking a picture of the completed work on a smartphone, tablet or with the Chromebook and uploading it to Google Classroom or emailing it directly to the teacher. If your child's teacher has already developed a method for collection, this can be continued to be used.

Previous weeks work packets should be held onto so that when we return they can be submitted for review. If previous packets have not been completed, they can continue to be used as supplemental work or as enrichment. 

Lastly, I have asked that the doors remain open 8:30-5, and that packets remain in the same spot everyday until we change them out with the new work on Thursdays at noon.

If you have any issues or questions about work submission, please reach out to your classroom teacher.

Have a wonderful evening,

Chris Turcio

Mechanicville Elementary School