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Hiding in Plain Sight - Parent Presentation - Monday 3/11 @5:30PM

We are offering an important presentation by the Saratoga County Prevention Council to all parents in our Jr./Sr. High school this coming Monday, March 11th in the MJSHS Auditorium- If If you are a parent - this is a presentation that you cannot afford to miss!


Would you know if items you were seeing in your teen’s room were related to drug or alcohol use? Would you know what to look for if you suspected your teen or even those they hang out with of using alcohol, other drugs, or vaping?  There is great power in being a parent.


THE POWER TO REASON. TO INFLUENCE. TO MAKE SENSE. TO COUNTER TEMPTATION.  Parenting comes from the heart and it comes without agendas or lectures…..and make no mistake, teenagers are fueled by it, sustained by it, and we as parents must use this power as a means to keep our kids safe and guide them to make good decisions. To ignore this power is to risk everything.

Saratoga County Prevention Council’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” mock room provides parents with clues from a teen’s room to help them determine whether their child might be experimenting with or using drugs or alcohol. Room décor, hidden compartments and items to conceal use are located throughout the room.  MJSHS will host a mock teen room and presentation for all parents on Monday, March 11 starting at 5:30pm in the auditorium. All parents are invited to walk through this mock teen room and use their parental investigation skills to see what they can ‘find’. Come and see if you can spot causes for concern and learn the newest drug trends among teens.  

Then at 6pm Monday, the Prevention Council will be conducting a presentation titled “Right Under Your Nose” - also in teh auditorium. This is a program made for parents and adults that care for teenage youth.  We encourage ALL parents of students in grades 6-12 to come and attend - this is information that will help you navigate this most important time in your child's life. We look forward to offering this program for the benefit and enlightenment of all our parents as we work together to help keep the students of Mechanicville safe!