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Rising Star Internship and Astronomy Camp scholarship applications due soon!

Time is running out-
Apply for the Rising Star Internship or Astronomy Camp scholarship today!

Are you fascinated by astronomy? Would you like to learn how to find planets, stars and galaxies in the night sky? Would you like to share your passion for astronomy with others? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Dudley Observatory Rising Star Internship is for you!

The Dudley Observatory is looking for students (grades 6-10) and teachers (grades K-12) who would like to participate in the Rising Star Internship program. We will teach you how to navigate the night sky, how to operate a telescope, and some of the science related to the stars, nebulae and galaxies you can observe from your own backyard. Applications for the 2019/2020 internship are now live, and will be accepted through February 15th, 2019. Applications and submission instructions are available on our website.

We are still actively fundraising for the 2019 program. If you are interested in providing a donation to help a child or teacher explore the night sky, you can mail a check to the address below, or donate online via PayPal. Please mark your donation in support of the Rising Star program. Thank you for your support!


Hessberg Scholarship to attend Advanced Astronomy Camp

The purpose of the Hessberg Award is to provide an opportunity for high school sophomores or juniors in the Capital District to participate in a week-long research experience at the Advanced Astronomy Camp in Tucson, Arizona. Students are housed in the astronomers’ dormitories on Kitt Peak, near Tucson, and work with a variety of telescopes there. They participate in various hands-on astronomical projects and attend lectures by local and visiting astronomers on current astronomical research. The Hessberg award will support registration and travel costs for one student to attend camp. Applications are now live and will be accepted through March 4th, 2019. Check our website for more information and application instructions.

“Astronomy camp was an experience like none other; I’ll never forget the extra-dark night sky visible from the mountain and the memories I made there. From noon to sunset, I got to expand my mind with hands on experiments and projects, ranging from the properties of liquid nitrogen to potential life on Mars. From sunset to sunrise, I got to use professional observatories to conduct real research that was personalized and exciting, and learned how to navigate the night sky like a seasoned pro. All the while, I worked with councilors who have personally impacted the scientific community, and made lasting connections with fellow campers from across the nation.”   – Sara Eberlin, 2017 Hessberg Award Winner

Questions about either program can be sent to Dr. Valerie Rapson at