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MHS Students visit the Aquarium

Aquarium Trip:

On January 10th Mrs. Knaggs' environmental science class along with Mrs. Laquidara's and Mr. Buneo's living environment classes took a field trip to The Via Port Aquarium in Rotterdam.  Here students had the opportunity to learn about reptiles, amphibians and insects during a hands on presentation by the aquariums reptile and amphibian expert.  The students also explored the aquarium and had the amazing experience of feeding sting rays, petting a variety of sea life such as sea urchins, starfish and horseshoe crabs.  Tenth grade student Kathrin Lockrow was excited to learn that the California King snake that she held named Smores, eats other snakes.  Victoria DeGraw, grade 10,  said "The stingrays were the best part of the field trip because I liked the experience of touching something that you can't just find anywhere."  Tenth grader Jazman  Desautels  also loved  the stingrays.  She said   "I loved feeding them and learning more about them."
aquarium pic 1