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MHS Junior High Gives Back to the Community

The Mechanicville Junior High School students and community play Santa again! Mrs. Marschilok and Mrs. DeMarco challenged the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to give to people less fortunate this December by donating!
The 6th graders gave cookie platters, the 7th graders gave baby toiletries, and the 8th graders gave toiletries.  Donations were distributed to the Mechanicville Community center, St. Joseph House in Troy and St. Margret's in Albany.
The 8th grades donated over 8 boxes of various toiletries, beating all previous record by past classes.  Mrs. Marschilok, the 8th grade science teacher and Assistant Principal said "I gave the 8th graders the challenge to beat last year's record and they rose to the challenge.  What an amazing group of kids!  I couldn't be more proud!"
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