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Arts in Ed 5th Grade Mosaic Project

Fifth grade students participated in a month-long project to create mosaics in public spaces with artist in residence, Sharon Lombardi.  While discovering an artform dating back to third millenium BC, students learned the history of mosaics and the methods in which they were created.  With this in mind, they then designed and created their own 4 x 4 inch piece of this collaborative work. Slowly, these ideas went from paper and pencil to cutting, gluing and sanding tiles to fit their personalized design.  As students worked they were reminded that their pieces would be a permanent part of our building’s aesthetic, which helped motivate them to adapt their tiles to get the best outcome. After grouting their tiles, they were proud to have contributed beautiful pieces to a whole work of art.  


As teachers, we are excited to work with students to fulfill state learning standards for the arts numbers 1 through 5, but more importantly we are excited that these standards help them collaborate, create building skills and work with refinement.  The next time you are in the elementary school please check out our installment at some of the water fountains and know that your children had a hand in creating something with pride and a sense of cooperation.


This project was organized by Mechanicville Elementary’s Arts in Education.  



5th grade mosaic