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Snapchat Issue (HS)

A Snapchat screenshot picture of student concern was brought to the attention of the administration after it went viral throughout our student population this afternoon (10/23/2018).  The screenshot contained a very open and ambiguous wording about a potential threat - the who, when, what, and where are undefined as is the origin of the message, as well as when it was created.  To be clear - no part of the message that students are sending around on Snapchat is specific to Mechanicville nor anybody in our district or community named or referenced (including our school district).  Any reference to a fight or medical attention within the message has been debunked however this message continues to spread through Snapchat causing undue panic and concern among our students.  The SC Sheriffs Office has been contacted as a precautionary measure, however there is no threat targeted to anybody in or at our school district.