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IMPORTANT! HS Morning Traffic Drop Off Info

This message is for any student that is dropped off in the morning and the person responsible for safely transporting and dropping off our students to school. So as to ensure a safe and efficient drop off each morning, we kindly ask that each vehicle enter the main entrance and proceed directly to the area in front of the red canopy, please do not use the bus loop for drop off.  The student drop off area is curbside between the red canopy and the stop sign. We ask that if space permits, that you pull as far forward to the stop sign as possible and have students prepared and ready to safely exit the vehicle upon arrival.

Please do not block buses from exiting the bus loop as you await drop off and please stay patient at all times watching for student drivers and staff crossing the roadway from the parking lot to the building entrance.  For drop off purposes, we ask that you not use the parking lot as a shortcut or pass through for drop off, but that you follow the traffic pattern to ensure the safest environment for all.

Please safely exit the campus via the access road or main entrance.  We appreciate your help making this process as safe and efficient for all.  Thank you.