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Important Information Parents Need to Know About Vaping


You may be aware of the growing popularity nationally and locally of vapes and vaping devices, but you may not be that aware of what these devices look like or the facts associated with vaping. We are seeing a rapid increase in students possessing these devices, and even using these devices while in school. This has already led to numerous suspensions and disruptive incidents, and this problem continues.

The reach of these devices has been expansive to all ages of students due to the ease of access and availability of these devices.  The ability to conceal this devices makes this issue that much more difficult to contain.  If you have not already done so, talk with your child about the risks of vaping.  Make no mistake, it is probable that your child knows far more about this issue than you think.  This problem has no barrier and no target population other than the fact that they are marketed to kids – and companies have been successful putting these devices in their hands.

As a parent, you have the power to influence your teen’s decisions. Many parents don’t talk to their kids about drugs, addiction, smoking or drinking, but for those who do, the results are positive.

Here are some facts and tips that you need to know and use:

  • Teens whose parents talk to them about these difficult subjects make better choices.
  • When talking about vaping, play it casual. Ask them if they have heard of it and what they know.
  • Keep the conversation open-ended. Teenagers will look for any chance to answer a question with a yes or no. Ask “What do you think about vaping?”
  • Today's teens are more health-savvy. Teach your teen about e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes… do your own research and homework as well – be informed!
  • Talk about the uncertainty of e-cigarette safety and about the definite possibility of addiction to nicotine that goes along with vaping.
  • Ask about how these devices can be modified for use of drugs such as THC (primary chemical of marijuana that gives a “high”).
  • Stress the seriousness of vaping as a decision to not just make on a whim, but one with potential consequences of lifelong problems.
  • Be the message. Children of people that use vaping and nictone products are more likely to use them.  Talk to your child about the dangers of addiction.


Vaping devices take on many functions and forms from a pen, box, or e-cigarette such as a Juul device which seems to purposefully look almost identical to a USB drive – some students even hide these devices in hollowed out markers. These devices are so user friendly to technology that some student are charging these devices using their cell phone chargers, headphone chargers or in the USB port on a chromebook or computer.  “Pods” that accompany these devices are the smaller disposable cartridges that are used with the charged device. These devices are difficult to spot and easily mistaken for other items such as pens or jump drives making it easy for teens to possess.  They come in a variety of flavors enhancing the allure – blue raspberry, cotton candy, mango, and the like.


We will be hosting a community presentation targeted for parents to show, present, and discuss what these devices are, what they can do, and most importantly what you can do at home so that we can work together to educate our students on the dangers of vaping and reduce this growing trend.  This presentation will take place at 7 pm on Thursday May 31 in the Jr./Sr. High School Auditorium.  The key to addressing this issue is to do it together and it needs to start with an awareness – we hope to see you Thursday to be a part of this discussion.


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