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Students honored at Top Six Dinner

imageMay 16, 2017- Students in grades six through twelve were honored at the annual Jr./Sr. High School Top Six Dinner on Monday, May 15.

The following students were selected on the basis that they rank among the first six students in their class in terms of academic average during the current school year. The students pictured below are listed in alphabetical order.

Grade 6
 Kaitlyn Chan, Bailey Grassman, Paige Larkin, Lauren Roberts, Samantha Rocco, and Diane Weiss

Grade 7
Hadyn Archambeault, Tyler Eiseman, Allison Izzo, Gordon Jenney, Justin Manion, and Chloe Robert

Grade 8
 Nicholas Amodeo, Troy Bisaillon, Rosalea Claeys, Anthony Chet Fiacco, Grace Hickey, and Hope Urbaetis

Grade 9
 Emily Chan, Kayla Conerty, James Daley, Emily DeVito, Sean Johnson, and Chrysten Schillinger

Grade 10
 Nicholas Billert, Christopher Ciccarelli, Peter Enzien, Jacob Gonzalez, Quinlan Gowett, Taylor Grayson, and Ashley Higgins

Grade 11
 Thomas Cantrell, Michael Cavotta, Zachary DeCerce, Kevin Farrell, Samantha Pasinella, and Mia Teal

Grade 12
 Julia Amodeo (Valedictorian), Andrea Timbone (Salutatorian), Kathleen Bee, Dalton Burrello, Abigail Carola, Lauren Claeys, Miranda Gaetani, Alexis Hohn, and Sarah Prairie