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Mythology and the Art of Storytelling Class Enjoy Hands-on Learning at the Iroquois Museum in Howes Cave, NY

On November 2, 2018, Mrs. Seymour and Mr. Moffitt brought their Mythology and the Art of Storytelling class to the Iroquois museum in Howes Cave, NY. While there, the students listened to a member of the First Nations describe her culture and what it was like growing up as an indigenous person of Northeastern North America. The group also participated in a Native American craft-making session where they made traditional corn husk dolls. As they worked, they listened to mythology about the origin of the dolls.  

As the students walked through the museum, they were exposed to both traditional and contemporary art work as well as artifacts of the Iroquois people. One of the artifacts that the students enjoyed the most was the authentic First Nations Wampum belt. Prior to going on this field trip, the students designed and crafted their own Wampum belt in class.

Both students and staff were grateful for the opportunity to visit the museum. Particularly, the students were fascinated by Iroquois life. Their respect and desire to learn accentuated their positive behavior.  The students were commendable ambassadors of the Mechanicville community and school district.