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"The Crucible" comes to life for MHS Juniors in Salem, MA

The Junior Class attended the yearly field trip to Salem, Massachusetts on November 20th. 
As enrichment for the Crucible Unit, which includes the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, as well as short stories by author Nathaniel Hawthorne, the group visited two Witch Trial museums and the former home for a time, of Hawthorne, The House of Seven Gables. 
The students got to experience first hand the horrific and terrifying dungeons where the innocent victims of the 1692 Witch Trials were held captive by walking through the recreation at the Witch Dungeon Museum. A stage performance here re-enacts portions of the Witch Trials and court room drama.
At the Salem Witch Museum, the students were taken through the history of the Puritanical society of Salem in 1692, as well as what led this small community to a witch hunt. The main characters of this factual event are introduced, enabling the students to understand the connections between the Crucible and the Witch Trials. The second half of the museum takes students through the history of “witches” in America, from the archaic herbalist midwife to the archetypal green-faced Witch of Wizard of Oz fame and the modern day Wiccan. From there, other American witch hunts are discussed, from McCarthyism to the Muslim community after 9/11.
Finally, and perhaps the students’ favorite part of the trip, the students get a wonderfully guided tour of the House of Seven Gables. This home displays the original architecture of the times, tells tales within tales and even has a secret staircase! Salem’s rich maritime and literary history are shared by very knowledgeable tour guides and staff. 
This year’s trip to Salem was a great experience for all! 
—Written by Jessica Siverling