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MES May Character Education Awards

June 8, 2017- Congratulations to the students below who recently received Character Education Leader Awards. The character education traits for the month of May were "sportsmanship and fairness" (Students below are not pictured in order.)

Lola Archambeault, Marissa Sochia, Tre West, Rose Langdon, Logan Farley, Jaxen Sherman, Brooke Connors, Joseph Bertrand, and Imani Williams
First grade
Sean Delcore, Liam Guyett, Madison Couser, Andrew Burton, Liam Madigan, Luna Fitzpatrick, Blakely Paulo, Emilie Monahan, Adam Blakeslee, Trevor Diffenbach, Brittany Tetlack, Mason Koscielniak, and Alexis Bryant
Second grade
Chase White, Shawn Becker, Desiree Colangione, Gianna Saccucci, Brian Selig, Antigone Pappas, Ben Woods, Faith Turgeon, Thomas Mulheren, Hudson Treacy, Hailey Hawthorne, Paige Reyes, and Payton Neddo
Third grade
Catie Perkins, Dominic Vannucci, Rosemary DeMarco, Alexis Rosser, Joshua Smith, Jack Haney, Dylan Masterson, Lauren Salvadore, Michaela Bagley, David Bub, Alex Shakow, Jacob Fichtner, and Ethan Nania
Fourth grade
Olivia Piche, Chelsey Paulo, Taylyr Amberger, Thomas Pitts, Trinity Grant, Braeden Cowell, Corey Wiedow, Mia Cunningham, Ava Gaspie, Jacob Pickett, Syncere Shuman
Fifth grade
Harold Doty, Richard Favour, Bella Raucci, Connor Dion, Marisa Krosky, Jorja DeCarlo, Lucas Cochran, Emma Nardini, Matthew DeCarlo, Isabelle Edmond