Computer Repair 101

  •  This course will familiarize students with standard PC hardware and software systems. the course also has a hands-on component in which students dismantle and reassemble a PC, learning about industry standard hardware systems and components. Diagnosis and resolution of common hardware failures and configuration/compatibility issues is stressed and students are given hands-on practice using proven troubleshooting techniques to solve problems. Students learn to install, configure, upgrade and repair an operating system with particular focus on managing the hardware configuration of the system. In addition to hands-on hardware maintenance for workstation, server and portable systems, students are introduced to issues surrounding business continuity and disaster recovery planning and the automation of ongoing maintenance and performance tuning of systems. The function, use and basic configuration of common networking components such as bridges, hubs, routers and firewalls is explained and demonstrated. Students will also help man the school's help desk to develop customer service skills. Only students maintaining a 75 or higher overall GPA will be allowed to continue this

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