Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan

    The Mechanicville City School District contracted with NYSSBA’s AdvisorySolutions for a school district consultant service that would look at the future of the District by means of a customized strategic planning process. This process involved the gathering of information and facts from the District by means of a review of related literature, District data, plans and meeting notes. In addition to gathering facts, AdvisorySolutions consultants collected opinions and ideas from over 80 people in six focus groups who were directly involved with the District.

    Collecting these opinions was considered important for two reasons: first, the collective intelligence of many people makes for more thoughtful, thorough and sound decisions; and second, including many people in the decision process ensures a wider support base for project outcomes than would informing them of decisions after the fact. This reasoning was especially true for a long-range strategic planning effort of this nature. Gaining the thoughts, opinions and support of people affected by the District is critical for the future success of the school District.

    As the Mechanicville City School District Board of Education sets policy and provides direction in the coming years ahead, the strategic directions created by the residents and staff of the District will be a valuable resource.

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