Mrs. Pugliese's Home Page


    Hello!  Welcome to Mrs. Pugliese's 1st Grade class.  Thank you for visiting my webpage.  My goal this year is to update the page to inform parents/ guardians of what is going on in Room 106. 


    Please check back often to see what we are learning, exploring and creating.  I also hope that keeping you informed will help stimulate conversations with your child about what they are doing all day at school, as well as keep the learning going at home.  


    Classroom News will narrate what we have been working on and will be working on in regards to Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Writing Workshop, Math....

    Parent Information will outline any important information of upcoming events, explain materials sent home or materials that need to be returned.

    Spelling Words will list weekly spelling rule and words.

    High Frequency Words will list weekly High Frequency Words we are reading, using and practicing for the week.

    Math will explain key math concepts being taught.


    If you have any concerns, questions or even suggestions please contact me immediately!

              *Send a note in the Take Home Folder

              *e-mail us: