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    Welcome to fifth grade!  I am excited to be working with you this year.  We will do many fun things from being scientists, historians and mathematicians to going on our annual field trip to WonderWorks, Syracuse, NY.  I hope you are ready for a fun-filled adventure in your last year of elementary school. 

    Research tells us children who do not read during the summer may lose a month or more of the reading progress they had made in school. Therefore, it is crucial to keep children engaged in summer reading activities.  For summer reading, the 5th Grade students are asked to read The Attacks of September 11th,2001, by Lauren Tarshis. Please complete the attached book summary graphic organizer and write a book summary, on a separate sheet of paper It is due on the first day of school in September. Bring your book, The Attacks of September 11th, 2001, to school, as we will be completing additional activities related to it, in class.  (Click on Summer Reading to reread the letter and homework assignment that was sent home in June.)


    In addition to reading during the summer, we are also asking that students complete the math packet handed out at the end of fourth grade. Mastery of these skills is important in order to develop a solid math foundation.  The fifth grade math program will add onto these fourth grade skills, so any time spent reinforcing concepts will be beneficial to you.  The research shows students are losing math skills during the summer.  Meanwhile, math standards are becoming more demanding.  By working on this packet you will be more prepared for fifth grade.

    The school will be open on August 30th from 10-2 for students to drop off their supplies.  (If you need another copy of the supply list you can find it on my webpage.)  Please put all your things in your desk with your name on it.  Leave anything that can't fit on the top.

    Click on MY SCHEDULE to see what our days will be like.  We will have music on the first day of school.  Once the schedule is finalized, I will provide you with 2 schedules.  One for your locker and the other for your agenda book.

    Don't hesitate to contact me by email (nbillert@mechanicville.org) over the summer if you have any questions.


    See you soon,

    Mrs. Billert