Capital Project Updates

  • Capital project updates from John Taglione, Building Project Committee Chair


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    September 6: Building Projects by Phase

    Phase I
    Cafeteria, All Purpose Field, Track, Training Room
    Schedule: On going, Complete October 2018
    Budget: $9.4 million

    Phase II
    Science/Math Classroom Addition
    Schedule: Awaiting State Approvals Estimated Augusted 2018
    Bidding Estimated September 2018
    Construction Estimated Start October 2018
    Completion Estimated December 2019
    Budget: $12.4 million

    Phase IIA
    JR/SR High School, Classroom Renovations, Asbestos Removals, Administrative Offices
    Schedule: State Submission Estimated November 2018
    State Approvals Estimated June 2019
    Bidding Estimated July 2019
    Construction Estimated Start August 2019
    Completion Estimated September 2020
    Budget: $2.6 million

    Phase IIB
    Bank and Chorus Room Alterations/Reconstruction, HS Entry Reconstruction
    Classroom Renovations, Asbestos Removal
    Schedule: State Submission Estmated January 2019
    State Approvals Estimated August 2019
    1st Bidding February/March Estimated 2020
    Construction Estimated start October 2020
    Completion Estimated April of 2021
    2nd Bidding Estimated November 2020
    Construction Estimated June 2021
    Completion Estimated October 2021
    Budget: $4.4 million

    Phase III
    Bus Garage, Softball Field
    Schedule: State Submission Estimated April 2020
    State Approvals Estimated January 2021
    Bidding Estimated February 2021
    Construction Estimated September 2021
    Completion Estimated June 2022
    Budget: $2.9 million

    Phase IV
    Elementary School, Nurses Room, Art Room, Parking Lot
    Schedules: On going, Complete October 2018
    Budget: $1.3 million

    October 5, 2017

    The District is moving ahead on-schedule with the capital project.  At the September BOE meeting approximately 5.5 million dollars of work was approved.  At this meeting a little over 2.6 million dollars of work for the new synthetic turf field, an eight lane track, new score board and equipment storage were approved.

    Weather permitting, all awarded work will begin in early November.  Completion dates for each different piece of work will vary depending on the complexity of the work.  All work will be finished before school starts next year.

    The District expects the State to approve more of our submitted project work which will then be bid out and begin summer of 2018.


    August 3, 2017
    Although formal, written approvals haven't been received, the District has been told that our Phase I project submission has been approved.  We can now go to bid.

    Phase I generally covers the new cafeteria, training room renovation, oil tank removal and new track, field and equipment building.

    Bidding on this phase of the capital project will commence immediately.  We expect to approve contracts at our September Board of Education meeting.

    This first phase of work marks the beginning of about three years of phased construction.


    Feb. 2, 2017
    Since last reported to the Board, the holidays have come and gone. In the interim our staff and project team have continued to work on project submissions and refining the capital project plan.
    We have submitted the first two projects covering a new science wing and field work at the high school. The State has been in contact with us as expected with questions and we have been responding to those questions. At this point, we have submitted about $15 million construction dollars estimated for the project.
    We continue to have regular meetings and will continue to report to the BOE as we do.
    Nov. 2, 2016
    Chairperson John Taglione and Business Manager William T. Woods will be giving a brief presentation on the status of the building project during the next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Thursday, November 3 at 7 p.m. The presentation will be on the agenda under Board and Staff Reports. Board of Education meetings are held in the Jr./Sr. High School Library Media Center.



    Nov. 1, 2016
    The Facilities Committee toured the Jr/Sr High School reviewing the draft plans soon to be submitted to the State for approval. There will be a project presentation Thursday night at the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting.
    Sept. 1, 2016
    We are currently working our way to the end of the NYS required project submission for Phase 1 of our construction project plan.  In about six weeks we will file the final forms. Based upon that submission, and the current processing time for the State, we can estimate that we will be “in the ground” by this time next year.
    When we receive State approval of the plans, we will make a special effort to hold meetings to tell everyone what will be happening during that summer and early in the next school year (17-18 school year.)
    The plans call for us to be moving into the new space and using the new sports facilities during the 18-19 school year.
    August 4, 2016 
    The process for preparation for the submission of project applications to the state is going well. We are continuing our study regarding HVAC systems, seismic site conditions, asbestos conditions and electrical capacity. These studies are all being done in an effort to maximize health, safety and capacity readiness, as well as efficiency in our operations. Concerns are beginning to be heard regarding the state's facilities planning staffing and the "wait time" for project approval. We are still hopeful that our schedule will hold up; our plans are on schedule.
    July 7, 2016 
    There has been a great deal of work grinding out the details in the project. Continued analysis of soils, of asbestos and of a variety of other conditions and planning are going on. A large amount of time was spent during the last month on the planning of HVAC and electrical work. Planning to maximize the efficiency of future HVAC daily operations, while matching that to the optimal level of capital investment expenditures, is currently going on. This all being done while designing for the maximum comfort of the classroom environment. This work is not very "exciting" to most of us, but it is integral to the success of the finished product. We continue on schedule. 
    June 2, 2016
    Since the last meeting, the committee has had one full committee meeting and there have been several adhoc meetings with the science, home and careers and school lunch program staff. Much was covered and meetings continue regularly. Of special note at this time, are the cooperative efforts between County Director of Planning Jason Kemper, Supervisor Tom Richardson and representatives of the capital project committee. We are all working together to integrate the Zim-Smith trail and our new bus garage and surrounding grounds. The committee is also working on the plans for an eight lane track to replace the existing six lane track. It's been very busy and continues to be exciting for all involved.

    Building project referendum passes by a margin of more than five to one
    On Thursday, December 10, 2015, residents of the Mechanicville City School District approved a $33,541,000 building project proposition to improve school facilities and grounds district-wide. The proposition passed by a vote of 565 (yes) to 106 (no).
    Highlights of the approved project include:
    • Elementary School additions/alterations/renovations
    • Jr./Sr. High School additions/alterations/renovations
    • New Bus Garage (utilities, building, roadways, parking, etc.)
    • Campus-wide site work (utilities, roadways, playing fields, ground, etc.)

    The high school plan includes items such as a new science wing; new art, chorus and band renovations and enlarged spaces; a new softball field; and a new exhibition field, among other projects. 

    Technology upgrades & updates are also a major initiative in the plan. State-of-the-art infrastructure and hardware/software improvements are planned at every grade level and subject area in the Jr./Sr. High School.

    Heating and cooling improvements, as well as roofing, plumbing and electrical work at various locations, are also included in the scope of the project.

    "Thank you to everyone who came out to vote on this important initiative," said Superintendent of Schools Michael McCarthy. "We are excited about the improvements and new opportunities this project will afford our students. It is truly a great thing for our children, parents, teachers and the community at large."

    The approved building project will take several years to complete, and will be done in phases with the high school phase beginning first. The estimated construction start is set for the summer of 2017.

    Additional details about the proposition are attached below.


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