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Character Education Plan

  • Character Education Plan


    Mechanicville Elementary School:

    Character Education


    “A Place Where Character Counts”

    BUG = Being Unusually Good


    Published September 2003

    Revised Summer 2010

    Prepared by the Character Education Committee



    What is Character Education?


    Character education is the deliberate effort to help people understand, care about, and act upon core values. Character is what a person is inside. Our character is revealed by how we act when no one else is looking. A person of character has values that distinguish right from wrong and a strong commitment to do what is right even when it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or personally costly. Character, in short, is moral strength.


    Good character does not develop spontaneously. Rather it is the result of conscientious efforts to instill and reinforce character values in a way that makes them second nature. Positive character traits must be defined, recognized and applied. Preparing students to make good choices is a responsibility shared by school, family, and the greater community.


     Our Plan for Character Education:


    The plan developed by the Character Education Committee begins by creating a peaceful school climate where expected behaviors are consistent and clear. The same language and strategies are used in all contexts. The plan provides opportunities to develop the thinking, feeling and behavior of students not only in our school, but also in our homes and in our community. Our goal is that everyone - teachers, staff, students and families - take ownership and actively participate in the plan. Together we can develop the strong character and good citizenship of our children.


    Our Pledge for Good Character

    I will pledge to be a kid for character.

    I will be worthy of trust.

    I will be respectful and responsible,

    doing what I must.

    I will always act with fairness.

    I will show that I care.

    I will be a good citizen,

    and always do my share.


    Plan Components

    Some of the components of our plan are listed below.

    -          Monthly Themes - a different character trait each month

    -          PTA Monthly Character Education Activities

    -          Wednesday Morning Announcements

    -          Monthly Morning Program (Grades 1 and 2)

    -          Monthly Afternoon Program (Kindergarten)

    -          Monthly Awards Program (Grades 3 - 5)

    -          Character Pledge

    -          Voice Levels

    -          Monthly BUG Award Certificates for Character Trait of the Month

    -          Photo Display of Award Recipients

    -          Service Club (Grade 5)

    -          Monthly Character Education Newsletter for families

    -          Proud Notes from Home

    -          Community Involvement

    -          Character Education Committee


    Monthly BUG Award Certificates

    BUG Award Certificates will be presented at the monthly Morning Program Assembly (Grades 1 and 2) or the monthly Afternoon Program Assembly (Kindergarten) or at gatherings in the pods (Grades 3-5). At the end of the month, each teacher will choose ONE or TWO  students who best exemplified the month’s character trait during the month. Teachers will invite parents of award recipients to attend the primary grade assemblies. A group photo of award recipients will be taken. The photos will be displayed in the main entrance hallway.  


    Morning Program

    Grades K-2 gather on the first school morning of each month in the Cafetorium at 9:30. Students who have exhibited exemplary character during the previous month will be celebrated and the new character trait theme will be introduced. Parents of award recipients will be notified and are invited to attend.


    Morning Program Schedule


    Components of Morning Program

    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Happy Birthday
    • Awards Presentations
    • Photo of awards recipients
    • New theme of the month description
    • Character Pledge

    Service Club

    The Service Club is composed of selected 5th grade students who exhibit excellent citizenship and a desire to serve our school community. Some examples of the services rendered by the club have been: assisting teachers after school, greeting assembly guests, being community liaisons, etc.

    Community Involvement

    It is our intention to heighten the awareness of character education at Mechanicville Elementary School. It is our hope that we will become stronger partners with the community at large. We are always looking for new ways to make the school-home-community connection stronger. All ideas are welcome!


    Character Education Committee

    We invite and encourage everyone to join us. Contact any member for more information.