2019-2020 Notifications

  • Fall 2018

    2018-2021 Mechanicville City School District Instructional Technology Plan

    2018-2019 District-Wide School Safety Plan 

    New York State Department of Education Local Assistance Plan

    February 2017

    Mechanicville City School District - District-Wide School Safety Plan (2016-2017 School Year)

    January 2017

    Annual Notification of the Availability of the District Asbestos Management Plan

    The Mechanicville City School District has submitted information to the New York State Education Department regarding asbestos containing building materials in the school district. This information is documented in the school district’s Asbestos Management Plan, which is in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 (40 CFR Part 763). This memorandum is intended to fulfill annual notification requirements.
    In compliance with the AHERA Regulation, the school district conducted its 2016 Triennial Re-inspection during the spring of 2016. The school continues to perform the Six Month Periodic Surveillances as required under the AHERA Regulation as well. Documentation related to all inspections is available in the Asbestos Management Plan.
    The Asbestos Management Plan for the Mechanicville City School District is located in the District Office and is available to the public for review during the following times:  
    Monday through Friday – 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
    For more information, please contact:
    Joseph Stewart, LEA Designee
    Phone: (518) 664-5727 Ext. 2408

    Annual Notification of the Availability of the District-wide School Safety Plan

    The Mechanicville City School District has developed the SAVE (Safe Schools against Violence in Education) Plan as required by New York State Education Law Section 155.17. The regulation requires that each public school district have emergency management plans in place and that information on emergency procedures be provided to all students and staff. The district will provide training throughout the year and conduct at least twelve (12) drills, as well as a “GO HOME” drill to test transportation and communication systems. Emergency evacuation information is posted in each classroom.

    For more information concerning the SAVE District-level Plan, please contact:

    William T. Woods, District Business Manager
    Phone: (518) 664-5727 ext. 2200

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    The Mechanicville City School District hereby advises students, parents, employees, and the general public that it offers employment and educational opportunities, including vocational education opportunities, without regard to sex, race, color, national origin or handicap.

    Please click here for a PDF of this policy.
    Inquiries regarding this nondiscrimination policy may be directed to:

    Title IX Officer                                        
    Rose Ann Bradley                                  

    Section 504 Coordinator
    Lynn Dorr

    Mechanicville Board of Education accepts fire inspection report
    The Mechanicville Board of Education at the meeting held on August 4, 2016 accepted the fire inspection reports for the school district-owned buildings and the Mechanicville Public Library.
    Sherrie Strain, Code Enforcement Officer, conducted the inspection on May 31, 2016.
    The state mandated inspection is an annual activity to insure a safe environment for all who enter the district-owned buildings. The fire inspection reports for the 2016-17 year are available for the public to read at the District Office, 25 Kniskern Avenue, between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
    The original copies of the reports are sent to the Fire Safety Unit, State of New York.  If there are any questions regarding the report, contact the Business Office.

    Pesticide Notification
    New York State Education Law Section 409-H and State Education Department Commissioner's Regulation I55.24, effective July 1, 2001, require all public and nonpublic elementary and secondary schools to provide written notification to all persons in parental relation, faculty, and staff regarding the potential use of pesticides periodically throughout the school year. The Mechanicville City School District is required to maintain a list of persons in parental relation, faculty, and staff who wish to receive 48-hour prior written notification of certain pesticide applications. The following pesticide applications are not subject to prior notification requirements:

    • a school remains unoccupied for a continuous 72-hours following an application;
    • anti-microbial products;
    • nonvolatile rodenticides in tamper resistant bait stations in areas inaccessible to children;
    • nonvolatile insecticidal baits in tamper resistant bait stations in areas inaccessible to children;
    • silica gels and other nonvolatile ready-to-use pastes, foams, or gels in areas inaccessible to children;
    • boric acid and disodium octaborate tetrahydrate;
    • the application of EPA designated biopesticides;
    • the application of EPA designated exempt materials under 40 CFR I52.25;
    • the use of aerosol products with a directed spray in containers of 18 fluid ounces or less when used to protect individuals from an imminent threat from stinging and biting insects including venomous spiders, bees, wasps, and hornets.

    In the event of an emergency application necessary to protect against an imminent threat to human health, a good faith effort will be made to supply written notification to those on the 48-hour prior notification list. If you would like to receive 48-hour prior notification of pesticide applications that are scheduled to occur in your school, please click here and complete the form.

    Please click here to read a PDF of the pesticide notification.

    Return the form to:
    Todd Woods, District Business Manager
    (518) 664-5727 Ext. 2200

    Mr. Woods is the school pesticide representative. He can be contacted for further information on these requirements using the contact information listed above.

    Student Record Notification

    1. Parents and certain eligible students have a right to inspect and review the family member student's education records.
    2. The Mechanicville City School District limits the disclosure of information contained in a student's education record except: a) by the prior consent of the student's parents, legal guardian, or the eligible students; b) at directory information; or c) under certain limited circumstances as permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
    3. Parents, legal guardians, or students have the right to correct parts of the student's education record which they believe are inaccurate, misleading or is in violation of the student's rights. This includes a right to a hearing to present evidence that the record should be changed if the District decides not to alter it, according to the parent, legal guardian or eligible student's request.
    4. Any person has a right to file a compliant with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in Washington, D.C. if the Mechanicville City School District violates the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.
    5. Parents, legal guardians and eligible students may obtain a copy of this policy, please click here. The policy is also available by contacting or calling the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at 25 Kniskern Avenue, Mechanicville, NY 12118.

    Anti-Idling Policy


    1.  On or before July first, two thousand eight, the commissioner shall promulgate regulations requiring school districts to minimize, to the extent practicable, the Idling of the engine of any school bus, as defined In section one hundred forty-two of the vehicle and traffic law, and other vehicles owned or leased by the school district while such bus or vehicle Is parked or standing on school grounds, or In front of any school. Such regulations shall apply to school districts Identified by the commissioner, In consultation with the department of health, with a significant number of children with asthma and those other school districts deemed by the commissioner as appropriate.
    2. Such regulations shall Include, but not be limited to, a requirement that the engines of all school buses and vehicles owned or leased by the school district be turned off while waiting for passengers to load or off load on school grounds. When necessary for heating, mechanical or emergency circumstances, the regulations may allow Idling to the extent necessary to achieve such purpose. Provided, however, that such regulations shall not conflict with applicable state regulations and local laws.
    3. School districts shall be required to annually provide their school personnel with notice of the provisions of this section, and the regulations promulgated pursuant to this section by the commissioner. The commissioner shall provide such notice for: school districts to disseminate.

    Child Abuse Hotline Notification
    If you suspect a child is being abused or maltreated (neglected), report it by calling 1-800-342-3720, a toll-free 24-hour hotline operated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. If you believe a child is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police department. Information about reporting child abuse and maltreatment (neglect) is available online at http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/cps/.