Strategic Goals

  • Strategic Goals

    Seven “Strategic Goals”
    recommended by school community stakeholders provide the
    driving force behind the continuous educational improvements in our district.

    Curriculum - A K-12 comprehensive enriched curriculum that will raise the
    level of academic achievement for all children.

    Technology - Continuous enhancement to support district academic programs
    and district operations.

    Communication - Continuous development of strategies to enhance
    communication with staff, parents, and the community at large.

    Growth - Long range planning for potential growth in student enrollment and
    the impact it may have on educational programming and facilities.

    Staff Development - Planned staff development providing opportunities for
    growth of our instructional, support and administrative staff, as well as the
    Board of Education.

    Code of Conduct - Codes of Conduct will be reviewed annually to assess
    effectiveness and to determine if modifications are needed.

    Financial - The District will strive to balance the educational needs of our
    students with our public’s ability to fund education, through the prudent use of
    District resources and the exploration of additional funding.