Math 1

  • Math 1

    Teacher: Ms. Staats

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    Sequential Course Outline

    (These topics are based on the Common Core Standards from

    1.    Equations & Inequalities (Module 1)

    2.    Algebraic Expressions (Module 1)

    3.    Linear & Inequality Functions (Module 1)

    4.    Systems (Module 1)

    5.    Statistics (Module 2)

    6.    Functions (Module 3)

    7.    Exponential Functions (Module 3)

    8.    Factoring (Module 4)

    9.    Quadratics (Module 4)


    We prepare for the Algebra 1 Regents Exam which students will take in June of Math 2.

    Grade Distribution

    v  Homework (randomly collected-maximum of 4 points for each assignment)      20%

    v  Tests        35%

    v  Quizzes     25%

    v  Class Participation (coming to class on time, prepared, behaving properly, respectfully, and ready and willing to learn)      20%            



    Late Policy

    If a student is less than 5 minutes late without a pass, they must make up the amount of time missed (not less than 1 minute) after school.  If a student comes to class 5 or more minutes late without a pass they will be required to stay after school for a full teacher detention (15 minutes).



    Consequences for Breaking Rules (during one class period)

    1st: verbal warning

    2nd: written warning, name recorded

    3rd: one check after name, after school detention-15 minutes

    4th: two checks after name, two after school detentions

    5th: sent to discipline, parent called


    The problems in the book can be accessed online.  Go to and input the username and password which can be found in MY BOOKLIST on my website 

    Homework assignments and due dates can also be found on my website.  Email is the best way to contact me. My email address is





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