Regents Reform Agenda

  • Mechanicville City School District and the Regents Reform Agenda  

                 The Board of Regents, Commissioner of Education, and State Education Department are working to align the State’s testing programs to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The new Reform Agenda calls for uniform standards, common assessments and more stringent accountability for our schools, teachers, and students. These efforts are geared to prepare our students to graduate college and be career ready. There are twelve (12) instructional shifts that accompany the Common Core State Standards, six (6) in ELA/ Literacy and six (6) in Mathematics. The CCSS shifts are as follows:


    -       Shift 1 -- Balancing Informational & Literacy Text

    -       Shift 2 -- Knowledge in Disciplines

    -       Shift 3 -- Staircase of Complexity

    -       Shift 4 -- Text-based Answers

    -       Shift 5 -- Writing from Sources

    -       Shift 6 -- Academic Vocabulary

    In summary, the six (6) shifts in ELA/Literacy ask our students to: Read as much non-fiction as fiction. Learn more about our world by reading through text and to read more challenging material closely. The shifts also want our students to discuss reading using evidence and to increase their academic vocabulary. 


    -       Shift 1 -- Focus

    -       Shift 2 -- Coherence

    -       Shift 3 -- Fluency

    -       Shift 4 -- Deep Understanding

    -       Shift 5 -- Application

    -       Shift 6 -- Dual Intensity

    In summary, the six (6) shifts in Mathematics ask our students and teachers to focus: Learn more about fewer key topics. Build skills within and across grade levels as well as develop speed and accuracy. To really know it, really do it as they use it in real world situations. And lastly, to be able to think fast and problem solve. (   

                In addition to implementing the Common Core Standards and moving to more challenging assessments, we will be introducing a new more rigorous Annual Professional Performance Review Process (APPR) for our teachers and principals. Our principals will be spending more time in classrooms which in turn will drive improvements in teacher planning and practice, according to SED Commissioner John King, Jr.

                Again, our goal is for all our students to be college and career ready upon graduation from Mechanicville City School District. The Board of Education and I remain committed to our students and we endeavor to provide the best educational experience possible for all students. Thank you for your continued trust and support.


    Dr. Michael J. McCarthy

    Superintendent of Schools