How to wrtie a Thematic Essay

  • Follow these steps as you write your write essay.

    #1 Read the essay question. Write down the questions that you will need to answer in order to answer the question that the essay is asking you to answer. (Outline form would be perfect)

    #2 Identify the theme or topic of the essay. The theme is usually the first noun mentioned in the question. Remember "Identify" means answer the newspaper questions (who? what? when? and  where?). The answers to these questions will be your introduction.

    #3 Brainstorm! Make a list of everything you know about this topic that relates to the questions you need to answer.

    #4 Choose a side. At the end of every thematic essay you need to evaluate. What do YOU think about the topic. While something can have positive and negative elements and while you can discuss both sides of an issue and you may understand both sides of an issue in the end you MUST pick a side.

    #5 Fill in your outline. Strategically place the vocabulary words that fit best with the examples that you have chosen to highlight. Don't just fit words in for the sake of fitting them in. Use 5 words that fit the topic.

    #6 Create a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the first line of your essay and it is what you intend to prove in your essay. A thesis statement should be consistent with your conclusion. For example: If in your essay about the Renaissance and you conclude that the Renaissance was the most important event in world history you should start your essay "Of all the events we have studied in Global History, the Renaissance has by far has had the greatest impact on the development of modern culture."; As opposed to "The Renaissance was both a good and a bad time in history."

    #7 As you write your essay follow your outline and use, explain and underline the vocabulary words as you incorporate them. If you do not underline the words you will not get credit for them. You may use words in any paragraph so long as they fit the theme of the paragraph (in other words don't try to fit in the word atomic in a paragraph on Ancient Greece.

    #8 Once you are done go back an reread your essay; Count the number of vocabulary words that you used, make sure they are all underlined. As you reread, look for spelling and grammatical errors and correct them. Be sure that you have identified your topic, included the necessary examples and that you have picked a side and evaluated in your conclusion.