• Here is an excellent resource to use at home if you ever have any questions about a lesson that was taught in class, homework or just the common core math curriculum.  This is also great for the upper grades as well.

    Then on the right side of the screen select ENY Math Help

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    Module 1

    Sums and Differences to 10

    New or Recently Introduced Terms:

    • Count on - students count up from the addend to the total
    • Track - students use different objects to track the count from one addend to the total
    • Expression - example - 2+1 or 5+5
    • Addend - one of the numbers being added
    • Doubles - example 3+3
    • Doubles plus one - example 3+4 or 4+5

    Terms and Symbols:

    Number Bond

    Number Path

    +, -, =

    At home, practice math facts to 10.  Both addition and subtraction. 

    Module 2

    Introduction to place value through addition and subtraction within 20.